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Cabinets de curiosité en aluminium

Aluminum Display Cabinets

For exhibition, storage and archiving of heritage collections


This new range of furniture, designed for the exhibition and archiving of heritage collections, allows to customize storage space for many objects with specific needs. The aluminum frame is completely adjustable to the requirements of each object or collection to be preserved, and may be assembled as a single cabinet or as a far more complex system for the exhibition and preservation of large and fragile collections. The neat finish, quality of the materials used, quality-control checks on the assembly line provide first rate furniture for the preservation of highly sensitive materials.


Standard Display Cabinet

This cabinet is equipped with a 2m high 180° swiveling single or double door. A security lock is installed on the right door, the left door can be affixed by a manual mechanism. Alternatively, cabinet systems can also be provided with sliding doors designed with dustproof joints. Depending on your needs the cabinet systems can be equipped with airtight joints and ambient air control devices to maintain a controlled environment within the cabinet. Temperature and relative humidity can be adjusted with appropriate options i.e. a dehumidifier, a ventilator, or even a silica gel module. A perfectly inert environment can be created with a nitrogen generator.


An active or passive filtration of air pollutants can be set up with the installation of filters to maintain a contaminant-free atmosphere within the cabinet. All active climate control modules can be provided with UV lamps to disinfect and sterilize the water. Microorganisms (bacteria and viruses) are completely eliminated to guarantee purified water (i.e. necessary for wooden artifacts awaiting restoration and preserved in jars since their discovery). The lighting units may be centrally switched, or provided with a door contact. On the basis of an estimate basic lighting for cabinet modules can be provided with vertically mounted UV-free LED lighting units, which are installed hidden on the metal sides of the frame. 


Standard Display Cabinet

  • Aluminum Frame
  • Front and side elements are covered with safety glass
  • The floor and top plates are constructed with 1.5 mm steel plate
  • Steel shelves                              
  • Adjustable feet.
  • Metal components coated with black Epoxy paint RAL


Interior designs on the basis of an estimate

  • Custom made coating of steel panels and shelves (within RAL range)
  • Fire protection glass
  • Safety glass shelves
  • Perforated shelves
  • Telescoping shelves and work surface lighting
  • Drawers with partial or complete pull-out
  • Heavy load drawers
  • Textile rolls
  • Grid frames for paintings
  • Clothing racks
  • Sliding doors


Devices and module on the basis of an estimate

  • Air-conditioning module
  • Module enabling continuous humidity control
  • Silica gel module
  • Nitrogen generator
  • Anti-UV LED lighting
  • Dustproof filters
  • UV lamps sterilization

They are equipped with this system:

  • Bavarian State Archaeological Collection, Munich
  • Bavarian National Museum, Munich
  • Porcelain Collection in the Dresden Zwinger Palace
  • German Historical Museum, Berlin
  • Archive of the Overseas Museum, Bremen
  • East Frisian State Museum, Emden
  • Porsche Museum, Stuttgart
  • Bavarian Museum for Textiles and Industry, Augsburg
  • L&P Library, Tyumen
  • Historical Art Museum, Vienna
  • Verdon City Museum
  • National Museum, Pilsen 

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Aluminum Display Cabinets
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