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Boîtes archives de conservation

Archival Boxes

Combining Strength and Purity


Atlantis Boxboard, used to manufacture boxes, is a unique cardboard, combining all the required qualities for preservation, and folding resistance. The boxes are designed to answer preservation most demanding requirements: books, engravings, drawings, photographs, textiles and other artifacts. The boxes protect from contact, atmospheric pollution and light.


Technical data : 

  • Grey and white laminate, fade resistant
  • Virtually dirt-proof grey cover, nonabrasive white lining
  • Good folding resistance
  • Highly refined chemical pulp, Alkyl Ketene Dimer neutral sizing
  • Acid, lignin and optical brightener free
  • Reducible sulfur content lower than 0.5 part per million
  • Adhesive EVA POLYMER pH 7 plasticizer free
  • Buffered calcium carbonate 3%
  • ANSI Photographic Activity Test IT 9.2 (ISO 10214)


Warning! Corrugated cardboard does not offer the same protection qualities as “Atlantis Boxboard”.  Highly flammable because of its micro-scores, it is in addition the ideal refuge for insects

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Archival Boxes
285 x 70 x 270mm BXBARC0007
Archival Boxes
330 x 260 x 90 mm BXBARC0016
Archival Boxes
340 x 250 x 80 mm BXBARC0005
Archival Boxes
370 x 260 x 120 mm BXBARC0011
Archival Boxes
370 x 260 x 55 mm BXBARC0002
Archival Boxes
370 x 260 x 90 mm BXBARC0008
Archival Boxes
380 x 290 x 100 mm BXBARC0012
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