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There are 372 products.

213 Wax


213 Wax, manufactured by the National Library of France, is a product that has been validated by many studies.

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Boîte Léonard Eco - assembled


Leonard Eco boxes are solid and elegant boxes designed to store and classify your collections.

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Clear Repair Tape


Used to repair or reinforce weakened documents. The base is made of a hemp paper 8.5 g/m2, thin and clear, Archibond S.A. 9/2 acid-free adhesive. It showed a complete absence of yellowing after a 200 years of accelerated ageing test. 

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Gulliver Archival Boxes


Boîtes montée en carton PAT et papier ISO9706.

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Large Format Polypropylene Boxes


For large format documents. When the permanent cardboard sheet dimension does not allow to make the adequate packaging, we propose alveolar polypropylene boxes.

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Gulliver Archival Boxes


Handmade boxes carefully crafted. Consolidated double hinge. Scored and folded spine.

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Polyester L-shaped pouches


Of all transparent protections, only polyester guarantees the durability and chemical stability required for preservation. It is resistant to most solvents and acids. It is clearer than glass. The polyester used for our pockets and sleeves is Melinex, specially designed to protect documents and photographs, excluding pastels, charcoals and drawings with color pigments.

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Cellulose Ether Adhesive


Usually used for bookbinding and during specific procedures of artwork restoration. 

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