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There are 409 products.

Chinese Flexible Brushes


These Chinese brushes made of soft goat hair mounted on light bamboo handle.

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Glass Plate Negative Boxes


The glass plate negatives will be placed in 4 flap folders before being placed in a storage box.

apd. Price €10.04
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Micron Pigma Pen


Micron Pigma pens are among the most performing pens. Their ink, waterproof and fade resistant, enables neat and precise lines. Quick drying, not requiring maintenance, intense black ink, tips available in various sizes for precision work.

apd. Price €3.02
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Evacon "R”™ adhesive


Evacon R glue is a copolymer vinyl-acetate ethylene emulsion, recommended for the lamination of papers and paperboards

apd. Price €73.39
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Kraft or Manilla Folders


Pour le rangement de vos documents précieux.

apd. Price €35.42
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3 Flap Folders


300 g Cover permanent paper, without tying tape, staples and adhesive.

Price €6.33
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Polyester in roll


Melinex 401 trois épaisseurs.

apd. Price €97.90
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Léonard Eco Box - assembled


Leonard Eco boxes are solid and elegant boxes designed to store and classify your collections.

apd. Price €9.49
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Die-cut Preservation boxes, 650µ


Atlantis Boxboard, permanent cardboard made from long fibers, cannot be compared to manufactured cardboards, made from composite materials, recycled paper or mixed pulps, often labeled as “neutral”.

apd. Price €30.83
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