There are 34 products.

There are 34 products.

Polyester in roll


Melinex 401 trois épaisseurs.

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Tissue Paper


This tissue paper enables to neutralize acids migration throughout time, it remains chemically and physically neutral for a long period of time. Suitable for wrapping fragile products with sensitive areas. Available in either sheets or rolls.

apd. Price €112.75
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Pergamine Paper


Papier blanc destiné à l’emballage d’oeuvres.

Price €508.20
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Manila Paper for Packaging


Matériau adapté à la protection des impressions, photographies, livres et textiles.

Price €487.14
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Tyvek ®


All the qualities of Tyvek® for packing and wrapping objects for storage and transport. Tyvek® is a material of unmatched solidity. Thanks to its high-density polyethylene (HDPE) nonwoven fiber structure, Tyvek® combines paper, film and fabric best properties.

apd. Price €115.20
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Permanent Krakt Paper 120 gsqm


A range of permanent papers, buffered, strong as they contain long fibers. They have a high resistance to manipulations, folding and tearing.

apd. Price €132.00
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Vertical Dispenser/Cutter


Versatile and mobile, this dispenser/cutter can be moved easily thanks to its 3 rubber wheels.

apd. Price €1,155.00
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Workshop Guillotine


A foot operated clamp makes it easy for large drawings, sheets of art board or packaging grade materials to be quickly and accurately set up for cutting.

Price €2,750.00
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Cutting Pads


Cut resistant. Grid on one side.

apd. Price €55.00
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Professional utility knife


Snap-off utility knife with slide-lock, supplied with a 12-segment blade and 2 replacement blades.

apd. Price €7.15
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Steel Paper Shears


Superior quality hardened steel paper shears, sturdy and made of stainless steel, designed for a professional use or any other application requiring quality and performance. Thanks to their self-sharpening blades remain operational even in heavy-duty conditions.

apd. Price €28.34
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