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There are 76 products.

There are 76 products.

Nonabrasive Cleaning Rubber Eraser for Paper


This nonabrasive cleaning eraser is made of natural rubber, kneaded to render it malleable. It has the property to absorb in a very effective way dirt and dust, and also erases stains from papers and archive documents.

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Laponite RD ®


Supplied as a fine white powder, Laponite ® is a synthetic clay which swells to produce a cleaning gel when dispersed in water. Applied to porous surfaces as a cataplasm, Laponite ® eliminates adhesive residues. Thanks to its absorbing properties, it humidifies without leaving haloes.

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Clear Museum Gel


Clear museum gel is used as a temporary adhesive under glassware china and crystal exposed in display cases. 

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Brecknell’s Leather Soap


Brecknell’s leather soap is a classic for any bibliophile. It is used to clean and soften leather. This cleaning soap, derivate from caustic products, is perfect to get rid of organic impurities deposited in the gold tooling of antique bindings.

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Non- acidic, non-corrosive and also non-toxic, this liquid soap cleans almost every object and paper.

Must be diluted in water before use: Mix 1 part Vulpex to 6 parts cool water.

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Padded Support for Books


These padded supports are designed to complement the display pillows and enable to manipulate and study books. The back of the book is laid on the padded support while two display pillows (not supplied) are placed under each side of the book, thereby ensuring adequate support.

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Coussins de soutien Haute Densité


Au-delà des Murs Créations Ces coussins de soutien de fabrication française sont en toile 100% coton écru et ont un remplissage de billes de polyéthylène. Les housses de coussin sont munies d?une fermeture zip cachée en face arrière pour un maximum de discrétion et pour permettre l?exposition des objets en vitrines.

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Weight Bags


These weight bags, with or without their bag covers, hold the consulted documents down and adapt to any conditions of use.

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Book Support System


Foldable and lightweight (360 G), this support is intended for libraries, museums and archives. It is the ideal partner for all those who wish to display or read manuscripts and rare books. 

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Flat Open Book Stands


These transparent stands made of altuglas, ensure maximum discretion. They enable to display a book without applying unnecessary stress on its binding, they also keep the book open without damaging its pages.

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Table Display Case Book Stand


These stands made of altuglas enable to display antique or modern books. The V opening is particularly well suited for books that lack suppleness when opened. A very sturdy stand whose edge entirely lies on the wedge, designed for the exhibition of books in table display cases. Two removable altuglas legs keep the pages open.

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Stand to Display Bindings


These stands made of altuglas are designed to display outstanding bindings.

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