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Hot Press Heated Glass-Top Vacuum Presses

The top panel of the Heated Glass Top Vacuum Press is made up of two sheets of reinforced tempered glass. The inner surface of the lower sheet has built-in invisible conductive film. A controlled electric current is passed through this conductive film creating a highly efficient heating system. A sensor on the glass monitors controls the temperature by means of a digital thermostat. The transparent top panel allows the operator to view materials during processing and correct misaligned work or folded back corners.


Dust particles or stains are easy to spot and thus removable. Eventually the document becomes as smooth as the scratch resistant glass.


Technical data :





Overall Size:

975mm x 1300mm

1194mm x 1800mm

1422mm x 2615mm

Diaphragm Working Area

890mm x 1194mm

1080mm x 1689mm

1276mm x 2496mm

Time to Vacuum

20 sec.

30 sec.

30 sec.

Time to Temp

12 min.

15 min.

15 min.


2.5 kW

4.2 kW

5.75 kW


11 Amp.

18 Amp.

25 Amp.

Weight Net / Shipping

72 Kg / 90 Kg

111 Kg / 145 Kg

210 Kg / 513 Kg


Stand is included with the HGP560 model price.

Reference Description Quantity Price
tax excl.
EQHGVP0260 HGP260 - 890 mm x 1195 mm 9 939,06 €
EQHGVP360 HGP360 - 1095 x 1705 mm 11 820,23 €
EQHGVP560 HGP560 - 1 276 x 2 496 mm 16 809,38 €

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