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Vacuum Cleaner Conservac 888

This vacuum cleaner is especially designed for museums. Equipped with a micro-bacterial control filter, its suction power can be precisely regulated. Multipurpose, it can remove dust either on large areas or on smaller surfaces (precise dust removal on artifacts). Ideal for Museums, Archives or Libraries.

Model : ISO 7 (HEPA H14 external air exit filter).

Description :

  • Cable length: 10m
  • Sound power level: 64 Db.

Data sheet on request.

Provided with the following accessories :

  • Extension rod set (maximum 3m) : 3 rod in galvanized steel
  • Special mini extension rod set (PHU-28) and a wheeled brush floor nozzle
  •  Mini attachment set (PHU-10)
  • Brush / crvice nozzle set (PHU-21)
  • Variable angle adaptor
  • Slide on brush upholstry nozzle (PHU-22)

Reference Description Quantity Price
tax excl.
SUCVMT0851 10 disposible metblown filterbag set 51,00 €
SUCVMT0850 5 disposible metblown filterbag set 35,00 €
SUCVMT0852 Activated carbon jacket 47,78 €
SUCVMT0857 Hepa Motor Filter 93,33 €
SUCVMT0853 Microfilter (placed before motor) 116,67 €
EQGSSH8887 Vacuum cleaner ISO 7 890,00 €

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