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Muntz 555-MU-E Electronic vacuum cleaner

HEPA GS (High Efficiency Particulate Arrestance)

Ideal in restoration workshops, museums, archives and libraries. Compact and lightweight, this multi-purpose vacuum cleaner (suction and blower) has an electronic power regulator ranging from 20 W to 1,300 W.

This new device is equipped with a maximum filtration system thanks to the “HEPA” filter which retains 99.97% of 0.3µ dust particles, mildew spores, bacteria and mites. The HEPA filter should be changed every year when used in normal conditions.

Warranty: One year

Accessories :

  • Set of miniaturized accessories ref. PHU-10
  • Set of two part blow assembly ref. PH-708
  • Flexible and thin rubber end + hair horse minibrush ref. PHU-05
  • Set of 5 filter bags ref. PH-722
  • Hair horse brush ref. PHU-12
  • One HEPA filter included

Technical data :

  • Power input : from 20 W to 1 300 W (suction control system)
  • Depression max. :  2 286 mBar
  • Air flow max. :  47 liters/sec.
  • Size :  approx.28 x 12 x 15 cm
  • Weight : 2,5 kg
  • Bag capacity : 1,2 liter
  • Cable length : 2,90 m
  • Option  : Active carbon filter to absorb odors Ref. : PH724 (price on request)
Reference Description Quantity Price
tax excl.
EQASPH0001 Muntz 555-MU-E Electronic vacuum cleaner 445,00 €

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