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Book Support System

Foldable and lightweight (360 G), this support is intended for libraries, museums and archives. It is the ideal partner for all those who wish to display or read manuscripts and rare books.

Designed to support books with fragile bindings, its opening angle respects the structure of the book. When not used, it is folded up completely and its flat shape allows easy storage and transport.

The portable book support is made of plastazote foam, expanded polyethylene with nitrogen; this material, rigid, dense, light and inert all at once, has also an excellent resistance to bending, which is essential for this kind of use. Light and very stable, the portable book support is strong enough to support books of significant size and weight.

Two edges prevent the book from slipping down, some room is left for the books with rigid bindings such as register type books. Its inclination angle is set at 20°, books can be read with minimal pressure. Opening angle 150°.

Reference Description Quantity Price
tax excl.
SUBKMT0001 Book Support System 179,00 €

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