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Wishab Sponges

Wishab Sponge is used to carry out convenient and safe dry cleaning of dirty areas. Depending on the fragility of the treated area (walls, mural paintings, wallpaper, textiles etc.) the operator will choose one of the four sponges. Hard, extra-hard, soft and white (designed for paper).

Made of vulcanized latex and mineral oil formed onto a stiff blue nylon backing, they are neutral pH sponges and contain no harming products. The blue body enables a constant visual control of the action of the yellow or white section when the operator rubs the treated surface.

Reference Description Quantity Price
tax excl.
SUERAS0004 Extra-Hard Wishab Sponge 10,50 €
SUERAS0003 Hard Wishab Sponge 9,00 €
SUERAS0005 Soft Wishab Sponge 7,30 €
SUERAS0006 White Wishab Sponge 13,00 €

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