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Just-In-Case Case

The kit has been created with the experience and support of conservators, curators, archivists, librarians and collection managers. The kit is an innovative solution designed to enable a quick and effective intervention against many disasters that could threaten and damage collections.

More than a simple kit designed to handle disasters such as flooding, the Just-In-Case Case is the ideal aid that will enable to equip the intervening personnel, limit water propagation, make an initial damage survey of the collection, isolate damaged objects and start to cleanse damaged premises. Each kit is sealed to prevent misuse of contents.

The Just-In-Case case is a two wheeled trolley which can be pulled up steps. The boxes can be removed for separate handling. On the top of the trolley the contents of each box are listed so that any items may be found quickly.

This kit contains:

Protection for Recovery Team

  • Tyvek protection Hooded Suits 1 x Medium 1 x Large
  • Goggles for dust and liquids x 2     
  • Hi-Visibility Vests x 2
  • Rubber over Boots x 2 pairs medium & large
  • Poncho (re-usable) x 2   
  • Disposable Aprons pack 100
  • Dust masks for fine toxic dust & aqueous mists x 2
  • Tough work gloves x 2 medium & large
  • White cotton gloves pack 12 large

Clean – up Items

  • Mop High water absorption
  • Broom, Handle
  • Bucket with wringer,
  • Heavy duty rubbish or recovery bags x 5   
  • High Absorbing sponges x 2
  • Dust pan & brush     
  • Smoke sponges x 2
  • Zipper Bags x 50 A4 Size         
  • Absorbent Cloths x pack 10
  • Micro fiber Cloths x 2

Preparing damage survey

  • Clipboard lined pad 2 x pencils 
  • Rite in rain pad
  • Permanent marker pens x 2 
  • Tyvek waterproof labels – pack 50 
  • Disposable camera


  • Windup torch x 1
  • Head lamp x 1
  • Safety light sticks (12hr) x 5

Deflecting & Absorbing Water

  • Tarpaulin sheet with tying eyelets x 1
  • Absorbent strips 60cm tear – off strips x 10
  • Absorbent water barricade cushions x 4 (20 liter absorption each)

Other useful items

  • Red / white Barrier tape 70mm x 50 meter roll
  • Utility knife
  • Duct tape 48mm x 50 meter roll.
  • Nylon strong cord 3.2mm x 14.6 meter
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SUKTPV0001 Just-In-Case Case 610,00 €

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