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Polypropylene Film Cans and Cores

Film cans

Storing films in rusting film cans may be one of the main causes of their deterioration. These inert polypropylene film cans will never rust. Small vents allow the evacuation of gasses which would otherwise build up inside the can and speed the breakdown of the film. These cans are flame retardant and contain less than 4% halogen: in the event of a fire there is no release of chlorine or bromine gas. For storage of films on cores only (not reels).


Technical data :

  • Silver Grey color
  • 100% polypropylene
  • Stackable.
  • Do not open when dropped
Film cores

The flanges of a reel may cause the edges of film to warp and curl. The best, safest way to store film is wound on one of these cores without a reel.  The 16 and 35mm cores are made of polypropylene.  Diameter on both cores are 76mm.

Reference Description Quantity Price
tax excl.
BXPLFM1216 Box for film 120m x 16 mm - 7" 8,00 €
BXPLFM2416 Box for film 240m x 16mm - 9.25" 12,84 €
BXPLFM3616 Box for film 360m x 16mm - 11.2" 14,00 €
BXPLFM3635 Box for film 360m x 35mm - 11" 16,00 €
BXPLFM6016 Box for film 600m x 16mm - 14.2" 20,00 €
BXPLFM6035 Box for film 600m x 35mm - 14.2" 22,00 €
BXPPBB0016 Film core for 16 mm strip 2,50 €
BXPPBB0035 Film core for 35 mm strip 4,00 €

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