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"Permanent" Manilla Paper 225 gsqm

A range of permanent papers, buffered, strong as they contain long fibers. They have a high resistance to manipulations, folding and tearing.


  • Refined pulp
  • Alkaline sizing “Aquapel”
  • pH 8.5
  • Buffered (calcium carbonate 3%)
  • Distinctive grey-blue shade, stain proof


Particularly adapted papers for the shaping of packaging and files, folders, envelopes, spine folders and archives preservation (plans, maps, posters, book covers).

Warning: the “grey-blue” shade, Atlantis exclusivity, is often imitated. However, an investigation carried out by a French institution, guarantees that Atlantis papers do not have any equivalent on the market.

Reference Description Quantity Price
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PAARMA0225 "Permanent" Manilla Paper 225 gsqm 192,00 €

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