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Polyester Album Sheets Type II

The Timecare Crystal Polyester Type 2 is a completly new type of pure polyester. It may be welded at a lower temperature than the conventional polyester, and has a broader melting temperature zone.

Available in 100 microns, it is very durable and can be used for long-term storage. One of its main advantages is its high transparency, perfect for consultation and for the display of documents.

It is available in rolls and perforated album pages.

This new range of perforated sheets has been developed from the polyester type 2. This innovative material gives them greater rigidity and a high transparency.

Their resistance makes them ideal for long-term storage and for storage in archives, while their transparency provides real comfort consulting and making them ideal for the display of photographs and documents.

They have a 25 mm edge binder, and four holes pucnhed at 80 mm centers. The opening of the pocket is either short edge or long edge.


Specifications :
• TimecareTM Crystal Polyester Type II, 100 microns.
• Edge Binder 25 mm.
• 4 holes punched at 80 mm centers.
• Packaging: 50 sheets

Reference Description Quantity Price
tax excl.
PYTCRP8600 1 pocket H. 151 x W. 113 mm 63,15 €
PYTCRP8615 12 pockets H. 76 x W. 66 mm 65,65 €
PYTCRP8610 2 pockets H. 150 x W. 230 mm 105,00 €
PYTCRP8614 20 pockets H. 57 x W.52 mm 65,65 €
PYTCRP8602 4 pockets H. 150 x W. 116 mm 65,65 €
PYTCRP8603 4 pockets H. 75 x W. 230 mm 65,00 €
PYTCRP8604 7 pockets H. 42 x W. 230 mm 105,00 €
PYTCRP8606 8 pockets H. 76 x W. 112 mm 105,00 €

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