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Melinex Polyester Pockets 75 microns

Of all transparent protections, only polyester guarantees the durability and chemical stability required for preservation. It is resistant to most solvents and acids. It is clearer than glass. The polyester used for our pockets and sleeves is Melinex, specially designed to protect documents and photographs, excluding pastels, charcoals and drawings with color pigments.

Our pockets are automatically welded in one operation to ensure perfect regularity and high resistance.


Technical data :

  • Open one short side
  • Inert and acid free
  • Contains no plasticizer, it will not crack or yellow with age
  • Avoid all physical contact with documents, and prevents mechanical damage
  • Protects documents against any chemical attack
  • Clearer than the glass
  • High tensile strength, shock and tear resistant
  • Resistant to fungicides and water vapor
  • Low flammability
  • Subjected to the Silver Tarnish Test
  • Passed the Photographic Activity Test (PAT) successfully


Graphic documents and artwork

Other sizes and thicknesses available upon request.

Warning: Plastic materials such as polypropylene, used for preservation, may release harmful products: plasticizers, chlorinated or nitrated derivatives, or even acids. This is the case with polyvinyl chlorides (PVC) that can be found in storage pockets or boxes. However, the Photographic Activity Test (PAT) does not detect the presence of plasticizers and PVC. A box or a plastic bag may very well pass the Photographic Activity Test and contain PVC!

Sold per 50, except P75CP/25 (sold per 25).

Reference Description Quantity Price
tax excl.
PYOTSP1115 115 x 155 mm 37,00 €
PYOTSP1621 160 x 215 mm 41,00 €
PYOTSP2230 220 x 305 mm 75,00 €
PYOTSP3038 305 x 381 mm 100,00 €
PYOTSP3142 310 x 425 mm 115,00 €
PYSPOS4151 410 x 510 mm 105,00 €
PYOTSP4366 430 x 600 mm 214,00 €
PYOTSP5161 510 x 610 mm 172,08 €
PYOTSP5272 521 x 725 mm 214,00 €
PYOTSP6085 605 x 845 mm 245,00 €
PYOTSP9515 95 x 145 mm 33,00 €

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