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The naturally white fibers are heat- bonded, without optical brightener, no specific direction of application. Bondina is permeable to air and delivers strong resistance to solvents. After being soaked in a 1% HCL solution at 20°C for 1000 hours, its residual strength remained between 90 to 100%. Very stable material. 30g Bondina has been recognized as the only material suitable for direct contact with watercolor and charcoal.


  • Protective packaging: textiles, leathers, metals, frames and objects.
  • Paper preservation, bookbinding.
  • 100 % Nonwoven polyester
  • Without adhesive or fixing agent
  • Lightweight, resistant and nonabrasive.
Reference Description Quantity Price
tax excl.
SUBDRL0030 Bondina 100g/m2 -25 x 0.80 m 229,00 €
PABONH0001 Bondina 30 g/m2 - 50 x 1 m 200,00 €

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