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Uni-Pin Felt-tip pen

Felt-tipped pen with Nylon tip mounted of metal. Inks with inalterable pigmentation, waterproof and fade resistant, Homogeneous and concentrated, for neat, precise lines with no blur marks. Intense and opaque colors. High precision tip (1/100 m), resilient tip, no risk of leaking ink, ink flow consistency. Black matt body. Metal clip.

Reference Description Quantity Price
tax excl.
SUSTFT0001 Tip 0.05 2,50 €
SUSTFT0002 Tip 0.1 2,50 €
SUSTFT0003 Tip 0.2 2,50 €
SUSTFT0004 Tip 0.3 2,50 €
SUSTFT0005 Tip 0.4 2,50 €
SUSTFT0006 Tip 0.5 2,50 €
SUPNUF8200 Tip 0.8 2,50 €

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