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Posca Markers

Contain water base paint. Easy-and-ready-to-use. Their colors can be used as watercolors and can be superimposed.

Useful to mark an object outdoors in a sustainable way, available on catalogue in black, red and white.

Other colors available on request. Mark on metal, wood, glass, plastic (except polystyrene), graphic tracing paper, canvas...

Reference Description Quantity Price
tax excl.
MARQ0001AA POSCA Marker, Extra-thin Black - tip length 1mm 3,00 €
MARQ0001AB POSCA Marker, Extra-thin White - tip length 1mm 3,00 €
MARQ0001AC POSCA Marker, Extra-thin, Red - tip length 1mm 3,00 €
MARQ0025AC POSCA Marker, Medium, Red - tip length 1.8-2.5 mm 4,00 €
MARQ0025AB POSCA Marker, Medium, White - tip length 1.8-2.5 mm 4,00 €
MARQ0015AA POSCA Marker, Thin, Black - tip length 1.5 mm 4,00 €
MARQ0015AC POSCA Marker, Thin, Red - tip length 1.5 mm 4,00 €
MARQ0015AB POSCA Marker, Thin, White - tip length 1.5 mm 4,00 €

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