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Stamping Archives

Stamping is the ownership marking of books or fonds by libraries or archives services.  It also has a deterrent effect against robbery. Apart from physical destruction, this mark is one of the most sustainable witnesses of documents ownership, therefore libraries cannot cut corners on it.

Stamp model to be provided on vector file.

Reference Description Quantity Price
tax excl.
SUINKN1125 Black oily ink - bottle of 125 ml 15,00 €
GRIFF0000AA Copper stamp, wood handle used with stamp pads Contact us
SUTAMP2001 Felt Stamp pad in metal box 20,00 €
SUSLVT0001 NETTOL cleaning solvent - bottle of 125 ml 12,00 €
SUINKT0001 Oily ink tube 12,00 €
SUINKR0125 Red oily ink - bottle of 125 ml 15,00 €

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