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Lascaux JunFunori

In the last few years Funori, a Japanese glue extracted from the red algae genus Gloiopeltis, has become known to conservators as an especially suitable product for the consolidation of matt powdery paint. 

Pooled research work led to develop a special purifying treatment of Funori to obtain pure Funori. The result is JunFunori (Jun = pure), a standardized product which has been produced and tested by experts over a   period of many years. With JunFunori conservators now have at their disposal an improved product to consolidate matt powdery paint without altering the appearance of the paint surface.

Reference Description Quantity Price
tax excl.
SUCOAL0001 1 gram 84,00 €
SUCOAL0003 3 grams 250,00 €

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