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Animal gelatins and glues

Animal glues are used for priming coats, gilding. It can also be used as a binder in paints. They are very useful for furniture restoration and cabinet marking, wood veneer and marquetry, as well as book binding.

Bone Glue 
Hare Glue
Parchment Glue
Made of parchment strips. Parchment Glue is a very popular glue for bookbinders.
Book Binding Glue
Bovine skin Glue.
The most famous specification of skin glue is its flexibility. Among old glues, only skin and genuine fish glue, containing collagen, combine thinness and flexibility enough to coat flexible materials such as canvas.
Sturgeon Glue
From dried Salianski sturgeon bladders (Russian origin). Unbleached.
Fish Glue
Ready to use. For furniture restoration, cabinet making…
Rabbit Skin Glue
35 to 45g sheets. 

Reference Description Quantity Price
tax excl.
COSP0100AA Bone glue, beads - 100g 5,00 €
SUCOUS0001 Bone glue, beads - 1kg 13,00 €
SUCORE1000 Book Binding Glue - 1kg 20,00 €
SUCOPS0250 Fish Glue - 250ml 13,00 €
CLFD0001AA Hare Glue - 1kg 26,00 €
SUAGCO0001 Parchment Glue in sheets - 100g 144,72 €
SUCOES0101 Sheets of sturgeon glue - 100g 80,00 €

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