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Plant-based glue

Plant-Based Glue

Stable and reversible, starch glue is used in preventive conservation when hinge mounting artworks, yet it is vulnerable to insects and micro-organisms attacks.


Rice Starch Adhesive Powder

Better fluidity and whiter color than Maize starch.

Dextrin Glue

White potato starch powder, extra pure, high water solubility.

Reference Description Quantity Price
tax excl.
AMPT0100AA Dextrin Glue - 100g 5,00 €
AMPT0001AA Dextrin Glue - 1kg 13,00 €
AMRZ0100AA Rice Starch Adhesive Powder - 100 g 3,50 €
SUCORI1000 Rice Starch Adhesive Powder - 1kg 19,00 €

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