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Low Pressure Table

This table is the ideal tool to restore papers or textiles, clean materials partially or totally, ensure flatting, remount canvas or leafcast.


It comprises the following elements:

  • Anodized aluminum box mounted on a rigid framework. The unit can resist a 125mBa pressure. Noncorrosive, made of stainless steel, the working surface is perforated (1mm triangular perforations 26%/m2).
  • Working surface: 1 170 x 870 mm
  • Overall size:  1 200 x 900 x 100 mm.
  • A pneumatic vacuum pump functioning with compressed air from 0 to 6 bars
  • Air consumption: 67 to 95 L/mn
  • Noise level: 55 dB
  • Gun mounting system (Gun not included).
  • On the lower shelf of the table, mounted on auto-blocking casters:
  • A quiet compressor
  • A 20L polyethylene container connected to the suction table, allowing vapors and liquids retrieval.
  • A humidification dome made of silicone coated polycarbonate mounted on the table top. Handling of the dome with 2 compressed air pistons. Complete opening.
  • Humidifier not supplied.

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