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MCG4 Moisture Regulator

The constant humidity controller maintains a constant relative humidity level (RH) in an airtight display case, automatically increasing or decreasing the level of humidity in the airflow created by the machine. Under normal conditions, relative humidity within the display case is kept at a constant level and will not be impacted by exterior humidity changes.

 A sensor placed in the display case informs the machine about the humidity level, thereby enabling constant monitoring of exposure conditions. An audible alarm can be programmed when a predetermined threshold is reached.

Units are controlled by tailored electrical systems, so that the stabilized humidity levels remain unaffected by sudden changes and overruns of pre-established thresholds.

The digital panel, LED lights and an audible alarm inform of a problem: water level too low, RH level regulation limits reached, overheating and other functioning breakdowns.

The perfect functioning of this device depends on the display case air sealing. The display case regulation takes place on several days through progressive steps.

Technical date

• Interior recycling in closed spaces.
• Regulation: from 30% to 70% HR.
• Accuracy: +/- 2% RH.
• Power supply: 110 or 220 V, 50 or 60 Hz, 250 W.
• Tank size: 800ml.
• Size: H. 150 x L. 400 x W. 270 mm.
• Weight: 10 kg.
• Treatment volume: 8 m3.
• Programming and alarm system.

Reference Description Quantity Price
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EQRGHR1001 MCG4 Moisture Regulator 3 950,00 €