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An oximeter measures the oxygen rate present in an anoxic bag.  This equipment allows checking the residual oxygen concentration rate in the bag to ensure the process efficiency. Data sheet available upon request.

Checking the oxygen rate with an oximeter

Heat seal a corner of the bag to isolate the testing area completely from the rest of the bag. Place a sealing adhesive foam on the outside of the foil. This foam will allow the passage of a needle during the duration of measurement with the oximeter. Use the hand pump until stable measurement of the residual oxygen concentration.

To measure the residual oxygen concentration, including a hand pump, an oxygen probe with needle, a needle, diam. 9 mm, a carrying case and 40 rubber stickers.

Reference Description Quantity Price
tax excl.
SUANOX1001 40 adhesive sealing foam for oximeter 14,00 €
SUAIGU0009 5 penetration needles diam. 9 mm 11,00 €
SUANOX2001 Calibration bag for oximeter 61,00 €
ANOXYM0001 Oximeter GMH 3691 1 083,00 €
SUANCA1001 Spare oxygen sensor 125,00 €