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Oxygen Absorbing Sachets

These absorbing sachets can reduce oxygen inside a small pouch up to less than 0.01% and can, depending on the permeability to oxygen of the packaging material, indefinitely maintain this level.

These ATCO FT sachets contain thin particles of iron sulfide and zeolite impregnated with a sodium chloride solution.

The ATCO FTM 1000 is completely iron sulfide free, and is thereby recommended when an anoxia procedure is run on metals.

An ATCO FTM 1000 sachet can absorb up to 1000 ml of oxygen (oxygen present in 5 L of air) and contains 7.5 g of water. This water can be controlled with the ProSorb humidity regulator.

The RP-K absorber does not affect relative humidity.

Calculating the quantity of oxygen to be eliminated

1. Calculate the total volume of air in ml (Av) present in a small pouch: Length (L) x width (w) x height (h),

in centimeters.

Example with a small pouch ALES4358AA containing a 5 cm high object: Av = 43 x 58 x 5 = 12470 ml

2. The oxygen rate in the air is of 20.9 % (generally rounded at 20% to ease calculation), that is to say 1/5e air.

The volume of oxygen (Vo) to eliminate is thus equal to 12470 /5 = 2494 ml,. It corresponds to 5 ATCO0200AA sachets.

Reference Description Quantity Price
tax excl.
SUANAC0005 200 oxygen absorbing sachets ATCO FT - air volume : 0.5L 42,00 €
SUANAC0015 200 oxygen absorbing sachets ATCO FT - air volume : 1.5L 116,00 €
SURPSK0003 25 oxygen absorbing sachets RP-3K, air volume : 300ml 69,00 €
SURPSK0020 5 oxygen absorbing sachets RP-20K, Air volume : 2000ml 76,50 €
SUOXYG1050 50 oxygen absorbing sachets ATCO FTM 1000, air volume : 5L 34,00 €