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Buffer solution sachets

A regular calibration of the pH meter is required in order to ensure their accuracy and reliability.

Very sensitive, the pH sensor can change quickly. Depending on the frequency of use of the unit, it is important to regularly test pH measurements.  A calibration is carried out with calibration solutions (buffer solutions). A calibration certificate can be provided for these solutions on the basis of an estimate.

This procedure is carried out through several steps :

• put the equipment in calibration mode.
• plunge the pH probe in a container containing pH 7 buffer solution.
• plunge the probe in a second container containing a rinsing liquid (tap water or distilled water).
• plunge the probe in a pH 4 or pH 10 solution depending on the carried out tests.

Calibration is automatically done, check the validation of the calibration on the display screen of the unit.

N.B.  : A prolonged contact with distilled water damages the pH meter probe, do not leave it in the rinsing liquid for long periods of time.

Measuring pH

Slightly humidify a piece of paper to be tested with distilled water then place the electrode on the humidified paper. Measurement is carried out through simple contact.

Reference Description Quantity Price
tax excl.
SUPHSL0004 25 Buffer solution sachets pH4 35,00 €
SUPHSL0007 25 Buffer solution sachets pH7 35,00 €
SUPHSL0010 25 side mounting strips - 8 x 200 mm 35,00 €