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Laboratory pH-Temperature meter

Appreciated for its reliability and simple use this equipment, controlled by a microprocessor, ensures highly accurate measurements and very fast response times. The Calibration process with automatic recognition of the buffers is particularly easy to use. The screen displays pH and temperature measures simultaneously. Supplied with pH electrode, temperature probe and buffer sachets.

Laboratory pH meter electrode

Combined pH electrode, glass body, with spherical bulb, card BNC, coaxial cable 1m, compatible PHME0000AA, simple ceramic junction, spherical tip.

Laboratory pH meter temperature probe

Temperature probe with automatic offsetting temperature system, compatible PHME0000AA.

Reference Description Quantity Price
tax excl.
ELEC0000AA Laboratory pH meter electrode 174,00 €
SOND0000AA Laboratory pH meter temperature probe 96,00 €
EQMTPH0001 Laboratory pH-Temperature meter 557,00 €