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TruVue Optium Acrylic

Optium Museum Acrylic ® is the only currently available acrylic product combining a high UV filtration capacity, anti-reflective transparency and anti-static qualities in only one sheet. Using patented technology TruVue Optium®, this sheet is coated on its two sides with an anti-reflecting layer. This product guarantees a performing protection against natural light and illuminations generating UV rays. It is therefore particularly recommended to preserve and exhibit artworks and photographs.


Technical data :

  • Thickness: 3 mm
  • Filtration of 98 % of UV rays (filter UV OP-3)
  • Anti-reflective and anti-static qualities
  • Easy handling: approximately 30% lighter than glass
  • Maintenance without ammonia



  • Ideal for pastels, graphite drawings and artworks sensitive to static electricity
  • Ideal for oversize framings bigger than 40 x 60 cm)
  • Suitable for the exposure of any graphic document requiring a protection against UV
  • Perfectly clear for an easy view


Order and delivery

  • Comes in 3 standard sizes. Delivery within 15 days after order placement
  • Cut at your dimensions on the basis of an estimate
  • Maximum size on the basis of an estimate: 122 x 244 cm
  • Gauges up to 3.00 mm can be cut like regular acrylic
  • Delivered wrapped in a protection film on both sides.