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Prosorb in 950 cassettes

ProSorb is a silica gel ideally suited to stabilize relative humidity inside museum display cases and storage cabinets.  The ideal level of humidity for most museum display cases and storage cabinets is a level between 40 - 60 % RH (Relative Humidity).  It is also desirable to maintain this level continuously for as long as possible in order to prevent artifacts from undergoing changes that could impact their lifespan. ProSorb has a unique and exceptional absorption capacity, and is recommended to obtain a relative humidity within the 35-60% range (most frequent situation for museum collections). ProSorb is able to maintain a stable relative humidity through its property to either absorb or desorb water vapor depending on the ambient temperature; and is provided pre-conditioned to your desired humidity level.

To prevent any unnecessary handling of the beads, the cassettes are made from polypropylene and non-woven polyester fibers (thereby easing the circulation of water vapor). The Tyvek non-woven polyethylene bags are resistant, steam vapor permeable and dustproof. The bags do not need any extra reconditioning and can be used directly.

950g Cassettes:  One or more cassettes per cubic meter of air volume are required depending on circumstances of application.

Reference Description Quantity Price
tax excl.
SUPRSB0001 Packed at 35 % RH 72,00 €
SUPRCS1440 Packed at 40 % RH 70,00 €
SUPRSB0006 Packed at 45 % RH 72,00 €
SUPRCS1450 Packed at 50 % RH 70,00 €
SUPRCS1455 Packed at 55 % RH 70,00 €
SUPRCS1460 Packed at 60 % RH 70,00 €