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ArtSorb Humidity Stabilizer

ArtSorb regulates humidity to preserve artifacts and is used to create a suitable micro-climate inside dislay cases or frames. ArtSorb offsets changes in relative humidity in order to keep it at a stable level. This inert and nontoxic product has to be placed in the enclosed area. ArtSort can be reconditioned indefinitely.

Conditioned at 50% RH.

Detailed datasheet available upon request. 

Reference Description Quantity Price
tax excl.
SUARTS0500 20 sheets of 50 x 50cm 358,30 €
SUHRAS0003 8 cassettes of 110 x 330 x 20 mm 712,00 €
SUHRAS2001 Box of 8 kg Art Sorb (beads) 682,00 €