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Studio Lighting

Studio lighting kits are a system of bottom of the range studio lighting meant to digitally scan objects in Cubelite light tents or to take portrait-type photographs. They are available in tungsten light (3200K) or Daylight type (5000k). The tungsten lamp continuous light (3200K) ensures a soft and homogenous repartition of light. Fluorescent lamps deliver a continuous light calibrated at 5000K (daylight type), generating no heat they are ideal for all the heat sensitive objects.


N.B.: When the operator does not use a digital white balance camera, the light delivered by tungsten lamps can be compensated with a gelatin filter in order to convert it to daylight.

Secure the gelatin filter to the top and lower edges of the lamp with clips.


Tungsten Light kit

  • 2 Tungsten lights with 500W lamps
  • 2 bowl reflectors
  • 2 telescopic feet
  • 2 white PVC umbrellas (80cm)

500w Tungsten Replacement Lamp

For TORC0500AA tungsten light

Screw-in type, 500W, 3200K

Bulldog Clips

For filters

Gelatin Filters

Gelatin sheets to cut 55 x 122 cm 

Fluorescent Light Kit

  • 2 fluorescent lights with 85W daylight spiral lamps
  • 2 bowl reflectors
  • 2 telescopic stands
  • 2 diffusers 

Fluorescent Lamp Replacement

For TORC5000AA fluorescent light,

85W - 240V - 5000K

Reference Description Quantity Price
tax excl.
CLDP3075AA Bulldog Clips 15,00 €
GELA5512AA Gelatin Filters 21,00 €
EQLPFL0005 Replacement Tungstene lamp 58,00 €
EQLPTG0001 Tungsten Light kit 508,00 €

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