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Motorized column camera stand

RePRO camera stand

Motorized column camera stand 1.5 m

Table height 78 cm

Base board 80 x 60 cm


RePRO Illuminated base board

Option: Illuminated base board 43 x 48 cm,

4 tubes 55W, 5000K

567BRS012 camera stand compatible

RePRO camera stand light

  • Fluorescent tubes 2 x 2 55W (daylight type)
  • 567BRS012 camera stand compatible
Reference Description Quantity Price
tax excl.
EQLPFL0003 Camera stand light compatible 567BRS012 1 956,00 €
EQBANC1500 RePRO camera stand 5 425,00 €
567BTL010 RePRO Illuminated base board 2 221,00 €

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