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Binding Guillotine

The guillotine has two blades, one fixed and another coming down. This is a must for bookbinders to cut cardboards and sheets of papers as well as crop sections. Handicraft, these models are available with wooden or steel table top. An outer latch or fixed (depending on the model) stopper is available upon request. All the guillotines are equipped with a safety protection made of plastic. The table Guillotine should be fixed solidly to its base before use.


 Technical data :

  • Table Guillotine cutting length 50cm
  • Free Standing Guillotine

Replacement blades, squaring and sharpening available on the basis of an estimate

Reference Description Quantity Price
tax excl.
CTAA0070AA Free standing guillotine - Cutting Length 70 cm - Steel top 12 050,00 €
CTAA0090AA Free Standing Guillotine - Cutting length 90 cm - Steel Top 14 850,00 €
SUCISO0009 Free Standing Guillotine - Cutting Length 90 cm - Wooden Top 15 538,46 €
CTAB0070AA Free Standing Guilltine - Cutting Length 70 cm - Wooden top 10 880,00 €
OBEF0050AA Outer fixed stopper for guillotine 50cm 445,00 €
OBEF0070AA Outer fixed stopper for guillotine 70cm 490,00 €
SUOPBT0005 Outer fixed stopper for guillotine 90cm 690,77 €
OBEB0070AA Outer latch stopper for guillotine 70cm 725,00 €
SUOPBT0002 Outer latch stopper for guillotine 90cm 1 036,00 €
CTAA0050AA Table Guillotine - Cutting length 50 cm - Steel tabletop 10 650,00 €
CTAB0050AA Table Guillotine - Cutting Length 50 cm - Wooden table top 9 470,00 €

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