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Bone and Teflon Folders

Bone or Teflon Folders

Bone Folders

Bone folders make strong sharp creases in paper. This is an essential tool for books and documents restoration. Heavier than plastic tools, bone folders are more precise and feel more present in hand.


Teflon Folders

Teflon’s nonstick qualities make this folder one of the essential tool for restoration and bookbinding. Rigid folders suitable for creasing and scoring papers and cardboards, one pointed end and one beveled end.


Reference Description Quantity Price
tax excl.
SUPLOS0001 Bone folder - two curved ends - 204 x 25mm 50g 7,00 €
SUPLOS0002 Bone folder 1 tip - 152 x 19mm 40g 5,00 €
SUPLOS0003 Bone folder 1 tip 204 x 25mm 50g 8,00 €
SUPLTF0001 Teflon folder - large - 160 x 20 x 5mm 32,00 €
SUPLTF0002 Teflon folder - médium - 150 x 15 x 3mm 30,00 €

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