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  • Pieds à Coulisse


    Stainless steel matt chrome plated, instant lock,...

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  • Pochettes simple face pour anoxie

    Simple Seam aluminum Pouch

    Front made of an Escal transparent foil, allowing direct sight of...

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  • Système de mesure des livres

    Book Measuring Device

    A quick way to measure books accurately in order to select the...

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  • Films pour le thermocollage

    Heat Seal Films

    Archibond ® adhesive is made from Paraloïd B72 ABF Super Plus.

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  • Cartons de montage Qualité "Museum"

    Mounting board - “Museum” Quality

    The “Museum” quality concern cardboards made from cotton linters....

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  • Outils de coupe pour cartons de montage

    Mat Cutting Tool

    Maped Matt Cutter cutting tool used to produce bevel cuts...

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  • Combinaisons Tyvek

    Tyvek® Coveralls

    These Tyvek coveralls protect effectively from dangerous...

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  • Marqueur pour polyester

    Polyester Marker Pen

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  • Régulateur d?humidité "Art Sorb"

    ArtSorb Humidity Stabilizer

    ArtSorb regulates humidity to preserve artifacts and is used to...

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  • Coussins d?absorption rapide

    Quick Water Absorbing Cushion

    This cushion is the key product to protect reserves and...

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  • Balance de précision

    Precision Weight Scale

    This precision scale is used in all sorts of restoration work, paste preparation, silica gel...

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  • Déshumidificateur


    These dehumidifiers provide a simple and effective control...

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