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  • Chemises 3 rabats Cover 300 g/m2

    3 Flap Folders

    300 g Cover permanent paper, without tying tape, staples and adhesive.

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  • Boîte légère de conservation "Gulliver"

    Gulliver Light Archival Boxes

    Made of 1300 micron Atlantis Boxboard cardboard. 

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  • Boîtes de conservation découpe par matriçage 650 µ

    Die-cut Preservation boxes, 650µ

    Atlantis Boxboard, permanent cardboard made from long fibers,...

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  • Chemises en papier Kraft/Manilla

    Kraft or Manilla Folders

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  • Boîtes pour Plaques de verre (rangement horizontal)

    Glass Plate Negative Boxes

    The glass plate negatives will be placed in 4 flap folders before being placed in a storage...

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  • Plioirs

    Bone and Teflon Folders

    Bone or Teflon Folders    ...

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  • Boîte Léonard Eco - montée

    Léonard Eco Box - assembled

    Leonard Eco boxes are solid and elegant boxes designed to store and classify your...

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  • Boîtes avec anneaux "Lilliput" Type "Collector"

    Lilliput Storage Preservation...

    Collector model

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  • Stylos-feutres Micron Pigma

    Micron Pigma Pen

    Micron Pigma pens are among the most performing pens. Their ink,...

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  • Pochettes en polyester Melinex 50 microns

    Melinex Polyester Pockets 50...

    Of all transparent protections, only polyester guarantees the durability and chemical...

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  • Rouleaux d'intissé de polyéthylène Tyvek⌐

    Tyvek ®

    All the qualities of Tyvek® for packing and wrapping...

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  • Pochettes en polyester Melinex 75 microns

    Melinex Polyester Pockets 75...

    Of all transparent protections, only polyester...

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