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  • Solutions tampon pour pH-mètres

    Buffer solution sachets

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  • Clips de Fermeture pour Anoxie

    ABS Seal Clips

    Designed to be used with pouches when operators do not have a...

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  • Humidificateur à ultrasons

    Ultrasonic Humidifier

    This humidifier is intended to soften, without wetting them,...

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  • Revue Etudes Photographiques

    Revue Etudes Photographiques

    Published by the Société française de photographie,...

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  • Lux - UV mètre ELSEC 764

    ELSEC 765C with Data-Logging...

    The data-logging function enables over 10,000 readings of all...

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  • Compas


    Wing compass. Rigid polished steel legs, hardened steel spike.

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  • Brosse Tsukemawashibake

    Tsukemawashibake Brush

    In soft hair horse tail.

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  • Sangles d'archivage

    Archival Strap

    Cotton Strap, non-treated twill, one beveled end, zinc-plated dichromate treated smooth...

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  • Plafonniers symétriques Dialite PRO X

    Dialite PRO X Suspended Lamp

    Symmetric suspended lamps are used whenever a horizontal source of light is required. 

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  • Pochettes doubles en polyester pour CD/DVD

    Polyester Double Pockets for CD/DVD

    Polyester double pockets to keep together physically separated CDs or DVDs and their covers.

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  • Gants Nylon

    Polyurethane Coated Nylon Gloves

    Thin knitted 5 fingers gloves, 100% polyamide. Polyurethane coated finger tips, ensuring an...

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  • Brosse à lisser Nazebake

    Nazebake smoothing brush

    Made from hemp fiber, the Nazebake brush is used by artisans to smooth out air bubbles and...

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