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A range of brushes for preservation and dusting.
  • Pinceaux Winsor & Newton

    Winsor & Newton Series 7 brushes

    Winsor & Newton Series 7 miniatures brushes are designed for high quality and...

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  • Brosse de dépoussiérage

    Dusting Brushes

    Bristle brushes range (soft but strong hair). Dust removal and...

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  • Spalter blaireau doux

    Spalter Brush

    Genuine badger hair, flat, stainless steel plated ferrules,...

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  • Brosses chinoises souples

    Chinese Flexible Brushes

    These Chinese brushes made of soft goat hair mounted on light bamboo handle.

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  • Brosses Hake

    Hake Brushes

    The Japanese brush Hake is a very soft brush used for dusting,...

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  • Pinceau à colle

    Glue Brushes

    Bristle brushes, flat, short natural handle, width 7mm.

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  • Brosse Tsukemawashibake

    Tsukemawashibake Brush

    In soft hair horse tail.

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  • Brosse à lisser Nazebake

    Nazebake smoothing brush

    Made from hemp fiber, the Nazebake brush is used by artisans to smooth out air bubbles and...

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  • Brosse à colle Noribake n°50

    Noribake n°50 Glue Brush

    This brush is made from a mix of soft horse mane and tail hair.

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  • Brosse à eau Mizubake n°50

    Water brush Mizubake n°50

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