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Archival boxes and folders

  • Feuilles d?album polyester perforées pour 2 CD-ROM

    Polyester Album Pages

    It preserves 2CD-ROMs, and has two built-in indexing sections.

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  • Meuble acier CD/DVD

    Steel Multi-Media Archival Cabinet

    This easy-to-use steel cabinet can store a large number of CDs or DVDs. 

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  • Pochette transparente polyester format CD/DVD

    Clear Polyester Pocket

    Comprises a 44mm built-in indexing section.

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  • Pochettes doubles en polyester pour CD/DVD

    Polyester Double Pockets for CD/DVD

    Polyester double pockets to keep together physically separated CDs or DVDs and their covers.

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  • Pochettes papier Photosafe format CD/DVD

    Photosafe pouches for CD/DVD

    Photosafe paper, 100 % cotton, 130 g, unbuffered.

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