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Humidifier B500

Equipped with a hygrostat the B500 Air Humidifier automatically achieves the desired optimal humidity levels. All functions are controlled via a remote control and the water tank is fitted with a baffle system to avoid spillage. The fill level in the water tank is signaled by an LED display. Once the supply of water has been used, the humidifier turns itself off automatically. A wireless sensor can be attached to the humidifier, this sensor transmits current room humidity back to the humidifier giving precise humidity control. Accessories such as direct water connection, flushing pump and external water monitor are optional. Regular maintenance is required to ensure the perfect functioning of the unit and the optimal quality of the humidified air.

UV-C technology and lime transforming cartridge: A UV-lamp kills germs and bacteria. The mercury low pressure lamp used in our devices operates in the UV-C range whose wavelength kills most microorganisms.

The external water monitor can be used as an additional safety precaution where there is a direct water connection (automatic feeding device) for the B 500. The water monitor is fitted with an independent water valve attached between the safety pressure hose and the water tap. The water monitor´s sensor is placed in the safety collection reservoir and shuts off the external water feed to the humidifier when it comes into contact with water (up to 900m3 under normal conditions of use).

Technical data

• Evaporation performance at 21°C and 30%HR: 2,5kg/h
• Performance intake: ca. 25 Watt
• Water tank capacity:  50 letter
•Volumetric air flow rate: 800 m³/h
• Operating noise: 32-44 dbA
• Dimensions (W x H x D): 759 x 365 x 620mm
• Weight: 24 kg
• Color: white

Reference Description Quantity Price
tax excl.
SUFLCH0500 Active carbon filter, pack of 2 124,00 €
ALIM0500AA Direct water connection 330,00 €
SECU0500AA External water monitor 872,00 €
EQCAHU5004 Humidifier B500 4 520,00 €
FILT0500AA Spare BIO filter 110,00 €
SUEQFL0012 UV-C technology and lime transforming filter 573,00 €