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UV Filtering Self-Adhesive Window Film

This UV filtering self-adhesive window film, applied to the interior window surface, is an excellent solution to prevent fabrics, furnishings and valuable objects fading. It is therefore perfect for display cases, museums and heritage institutions. The UV filter, built into the polyester film base, allows 84% of visible light transmission. The scratch-resistant coating increases the film lifespan and eases cleaning. The film is normally colorless to the human eye, a slight yellowish cast can be perceived if the film is placed in front of a white background. The UV filtering film performance will have to be regularly controlled. Replacement of the film is recommended every 7 years.

Characteristics :

• Total Solar Transmittance: 85%

• Total Solar Reflectance: 8%

• Total Solar Absorptance: 7%

• Visible Light Transmission: 84%

• Visible Light Reflection - Exterior: 8%

• Visible Light Reflection - Interior: 8%

• UV Transmission: <0.1%

• Shading Coefficient: 0.98

• Emissivity: 0.83

• EN 673 7. U-Value Median W/m².0K: 5.08

• Glare Reduction: 5%

• Solar Heat Gain Coefficient: 0.85

• Total Solar Energy Rejected: 14%

• Thickness without Liner: 33µ

• Installation instructions upon request.

Reference Description Quantity Price
tax excl.
SUCGRO2001 10m x 152 cm 430,00 €
SUCGRO2003 30m x 152 cm 945,00 €
SUFMUV0003 3m x 152 cm 85,00 €

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