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Deacidification & humidifier

  • Spray rechargeable de désacidification Bookkeeper

    Refillable Spray

    Bookkeeper is a deacification process that safely neutralizes...

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  • Système de pulvérisation de désacidification Bookkeeper

    Spray System

    The Spray System consists in a 7.5 liter pressurized tank and a spray nozzle. An air...

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  • Vaporisateur manuel Dahlia Sprayer

    Dahlia Sprayer

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  • Générateur de vapeur "Mini-Steamer"

    “Mini-Steamer” Steam Generator

    "Mini-Steamer" steam generator is a precision tool designed to answer the restorer’s needs. 

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  • Humidificateur à ultrasons

    Ultrasonic Humidifier

    This humidifier is intended to soften, without wetting them,...

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