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  • Coussins d?absorption rapide

    Quick Water Absorbing Cushion

    This cushion is the key product to protect reserves and...

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  • Kit préventif d?intervention rapide

    Just-In-Case Case

    The kit has been created with the experience and support of...

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  • Chiffons Microfibre

    Microfiber Cleaning Cloth


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  • Eponges Wishab

    Wishab Sponges

    Wishab Sponge is used to carry out convenient and safe dry cleaning of dirty areas.

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  • Eponge à nettoyer "Smoke Sponge"

    Smoke Sponges

    These dry cleaning sponges will effectively remove soot and smoke...

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  • Eponges Naturelles Gerby

    Gerby Natural Sponge

    High quality natural sponges. Approx. 15 cm, packed in single...

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  • Brosse de dépoussiérage

    Dusting Brushes

    Bristle brushes range (soft but strong hair). Dust removal and...

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  • Spalter blaireau doux

    Spalter Brush

    Genuine badger hair, flat, stainless steel plated ferrules,...

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  • Flacon doseur pour solvants

    Solvent bottles

    Made to minimize solvent emanations.

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  • Tampons et poudre de latex à nettoyer

    Cleaning pad

    Mix of pH neutral fine latex and soya.

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  • Cire 213 pour reliures en cuir

    213 Wax

    213 Wax, manufactured by the National Library of France, is...

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  • Cire microcristalline "Renaissance"

    Renaissance Micro-crystalline...

    To protect and preserve artifacts (wood, metal, marble, leather,...

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