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Environment & Anoxia

  • Lux - UV mètre ELSEC 764

    ELSEC 765C with Data-Logging...

    The data-logging function enables over 10,000 readings of all...

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  • Luxmètres MAVOLUX 5032

    Luxmeter MAVOLUX 5032

    The luxmeters Mavolux 5032B and 5032C are digital precision devices to measure illuminance in...

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  • Film anti-UV auto-adhésif

    UV Filtering Self-Adhesive...

    This UV filtering self-adhesive window film,...

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  • Film-On concentrate

    Film-on is a concentrated mounting solution designed to ensure...

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  • HR Humidity Indicator cards 20-80%

    HR Humidity Indicator cards 20-80%

    Made from blotted paper impregnated with a cobalt(II) chloride...

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  • Thermomètre Hygro Compact

    Compact Hygro-Thermometer

    Compact Hygro-Thermometer 

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  • Mini Thermo-hygrometer

    Mini Thermo-hygrometer

    Measure of the temperatuve and the relative humidity.

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  • Déshumidificateur


    These dehumidifiers provide a simple and effective control...

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  • Humidificateur B125

    Air Humidifier B 125

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  • Humidificateur B500

    Humidifier B500

    Equipped with a hygrostat the B500 Air Humidifier automatically...

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  • Régulateur d'humidité MCG4

    MCG4 Moisture Regulator

    The constant humidity controller maintains a...

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  • Gel de sicile type E microporeux

    Silica Gel Type E microporous

    Porous, granular, chemically inert. White silica gel has a...

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