There are 70 products.

There are 70 products.

Quick Water Absorbing Cushion


This cushion is the key product to protect reserves and spaces exposed to water damage.

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Just-In-Case Case


The kit has been created with the experience and support of conservators, curators, archivists, librarians and collection managers. The kit is an innovative solution designed to enable a quick and effective intervention against many disasters that could threaten and damage collections.

Price €671.00
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Microfiber Cleaning Cloth


Optical quality microfiber cleaning cloths, very high density. These cleaning cloths are the perfect allies of preventive conservation. Their soft and homogenous texture, their resistance and their non-abrasive surface ensure optimal comfort of use. Surfaces such as glass, plastics, acrylic, chrome etc.

Material: 80% polyester and 20% polyamide.

Color: White wavy edges.


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Wishab Sponges


Wishab Sponge is used to carry out convenient and safe dry cleaning of dirty areas.

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Smoke Sponges


These dry cleaning sponges will effectively remove soot and smoke damage without scratching surfaces. Dry use. A very limited quantity of soap is added during manufacturing (30 g for 500 kg). Machine-washable.

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Gerby Natural Sponge


High quality natural sponges. Approx. 15 cm, packed in single units. Unbleached sponge. Perfect for clean-up work. Sold in single units.

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Dusting Brushes


Bristle brushes range (soft but strong hair). Dust removal and patina.

apd. Price €110.00
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Spalter Brush


Genuine badger hair, flat, stainless steel plated ferrules, polished flat handle. To dust documents, glass plates and artifacts without abrading them.

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Solvent bottles


Made to minimize solvent emanations.

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Cleaning pad


Mix of pH neutral fine latex and soya.

Non-abrasive, recommended to clean fragile documents and parchments. Knead the pad filter the powder, then gently rub using either the pad or a compress.

apd. Price €9.98
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Nonabrasive Cleaning Rubber Eraser for Paper


This nonabrasive cleaning eraser is made of natural rubber, kneaded to render it malleable. It has the property to absorb in a very effective way dirt and dust, and also erases stains from papers and archive documents.

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