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There are 42 products.

There are 42 products.



An oximeter measures the oxygen rate present in an anoxic bag.  This equipment allows checking the residual oxygen concentration rate in the bag to ensure the process efficiency. Data sheet available upon request.

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Ageless Eye Oxygen Indicators


These indicators enable to detect visually whether the bag is oxygen free.

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Polystar 300D Sealer


Polystar 300 D including impulse generator GE110 is perfect to seal hermetically Aluminum A 30T Aluminum A 30T / Escal Film pouches, and also to make small and medium sized Escal film pouches. It can also seal Tyvek and all the PE and PP laminates.

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Heat Sealer Joke SZ 380/8


This hand held heat sealer including an impulse generator G 100 enables to heat seal aluminum barrier foil, polyethylene (0.2mm), PE/PA laminates and also Tyvek®. The 8mm seal seam width works perfectly for airtight seals on Escal and Ergoflex rolls and also A30T anoxic aluminum pouches/Escal film.

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Constant Heat Sealer WSZ 300TB


Compatible with Escal, Ergoflex and A30T Aluminum plastic film. Both sealing bars are constantly heated, sealing temperature infinitely adjustable. Easy to clean.

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RP System A


Le système RP est un procédé d'emballage qui prévient la dégradation des objets, en créant une anoxie, sans humidité ni gaz corrosif, qui sont les responsables de l'oxydation des métaux.

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